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Sick Kit Details

Great Xmas gift to put your sick kit in.

Vitamin D3:

Age 12-24 months 5,000u daily until well then 2000u daily. Age 2-3 yrs 7000u daily until well then 3000u daily. Age 4-6 yrs 10,000u daily for 3-5 days then 5000u daily through winter months. Age 6-10 yrs 20,000u daily for 3-5 days then 5000u daily through winter. Age 11-teen yrs 50,000u daily for 3-5 days then 5000u daily through winter months.

Zinc: Only use for a couple weeks during illness Age 1-6 months: 7 mg daily crushed Age 6-24 months: 14 mg (2 lozenges) daily crushed or chewed depending on number of teeth Age 2-10 yrs: 28 mg (4 lozenges) daily Age 11-teens: 49 mg (7 lozenges) daily

Vitamin C:

This vitamin can be used during illness and for prevention. For better tissue levels and enhanced efficacy, I have started recommending the Liposomal form of Vit C for the more severe illnesses like Pertussis—we use the Pertussis Protocol developed by Dr. Suzanne Humphries. 100mg/Kg body weight per day divided twice a day. So, for example for a 10 kilo kiddo (22 lb) give 500 mg twice daily. This is ½ tsp twice daily. You can extrapolate up from there on weight. You can actually use down to two months of age!! Using same weight guidelines. You CAN’T overdose on this! We used 100,000 mg IVon my wife for cancer treatment and had no adverse effects other than some nausea if infused too rapidly. This is a VERY important intervention to support those fighting white cells.

Vitamin A:

This is not beta carotene. This is retinol, or the real, active, Vit A. There are lots of good brands. Beta carotene can be toxic in higher doses; Retinol…. Not so much… Some of us have mutations in our BCMO1 gene (beta carotene monoxigenase) that breaks beta carotene into two equal parts called retinol. That makes us deficient and our immune system hobble.

Age 0-5, for now I am not recommending until I do more research

Age 5-10: 10,000u daily x14 days during illness

Age >10: 10,000u twice daily x14 days during illness.

Immune Boosters-Kids Immune Avenger (this is Echinacea and Elderberry immune booster)

1 drop per 4 lb body weight; use 3-5x/day when ill. Avoid raw Echinacea and Elderberry as allergic reactions and other reactions are much higher. Use the extracts. (If making your own, cook first please.) Use Kickit Immune for older kids over, say, 8-10 yrs due to taste issues. The Kickit has alcohol as an extractor and the Avenger has vegetable glycerin and distilled water. (actually tastes good!) The Kickit is likely a bit stronger in efficacy.

Immune boosters-teens and adults:

For older kids, teens, and adults, the Turkeytail and Reishi mushrooms have phenomenal immune boosting properties. Again, I was introduced to this during my wife’s cancer treatments. Lots of research available on these.

Dose: 2 caps daily for 14 days during illness

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