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Services Offered

Assessments Through Lab Testing 

A significant part of a functional workup is looking at your child's lab work. In functional medicine, we cast a fairly broad net and see what needs to be fixed. Then we attempt to balance the imbalances. The basic list of labs includes:

Allergy Panel -food,  C-reactive protein, Calcium - ionized,  CBC,  CMP,  Celiac , Ceruloplasmin, Copper,  ESR, Ferritin, Folate - RBC, Homocysteine, Iron, Iron binding capacity, Lead, Magnesium - RBC, Methyl-malonate, Serum B12/folate, 1, 25 dihydroxy Vit D,  25 hydroxy vitamin D,  Zinc.

We will soon be adding links to  Genova and Great Plains Laboratory. This will make ordering more streamlined for a broader array of functional lab work.

Supplement Recommendations

When trying to get a kiddo on track, it may require nutritional adjusting for a few months. This includes dietary changes and nutritional supplements. Initially there may be as many as a dozen or more for the first 3 to six months. After some semblance of normalcy is obtained, we can back off to just a few basic essentials like Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and omega 3 fatty acids. 


Many of the links are to affiliate sites that return a small amount of remuneration to this site to pay for its maintenance. Please consider supporting us in that way.

Ailments from A-Z

I have attempted to write an expanding list of interventions  to pediatric problems from a functional perspective. In my interventions, I have tried to avoid long-term medication use if at all possible. 


Functional workup of your child's issues may include genetic testing. The two types of testing are done at Genesight and Tree of Life. The first gives us guidance on neuropsychiatric medication based on genetic compatibility. The second gives a much broader overview of genetic susceptibilities that can be addressed with lifestyle and nutritional interventions. This is called nutragenomics. Due to changes in the 23andMe chip from v4 to v5, it has necessitated the Tree of Life folks to bring in their own genetic laboratory. I am told this should be accomplished by the beginning of November. There will be a link to their site at that time.

Essential Oil Benefits

There is a growing body of evidence in the use of essential oils in medical practice. The concern continues to be on its use in pediatrics. As I plow through the literature, I will try and keep my suggestions on their use in kids evidence-based. There will be some oils I will recommend not using and some that I will. As with the supplements, you may use the affiliate site for purchasing as it will support the cost of operations for this web site. However, there is no obligation to do so.

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