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On my choices, I try my best to find the highest quality. This means the cost may be higher than products you will find at typical pharmacy outlets. Cheap products are generally a waste of money as the efficacy is not there. I reserve the right to change the recommendations if I find better products. Some of the following are affiliate links and some are not. The affiliate links help with the costs of running this site.

I have set up an online dispensary where my patients may obtain supplements that I have recommended. This dispensary has many hundreds of supplements made by some of the most reputable manufacturers, well known names like Nordic Naturals and Pure Encapsulations. We strive to keep prices as low as possible, understanding the tight budgets our families face. Once you have registered in the dispensary, you'll only need to log in thereafter.

Multivitamin Gummy

I am not a huge fan of multivitamins but I have been impressed with this company and their striving to create a wholesome supplement with as low a sugar content as feasible. It will still require some added Vit D3 to keep blood levels up during wintertime and minerals like Magnesium. It fortunately avoids iron so is quite safe. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and the prebiotic Inulin along with brain support of Choline and Inositol. They do not overdo the methylated B complex (B9 and 12). I am in continued negotiations with the company to try using other non sugar sweeteners, however, I am impressed with the reasonable amounts used. 


  • Age 2-3: three gummies daily (start with 1 or 2 daily for the first week)

  • Age 3-5: four gummies daily (start with 2 daily for the first week)

  • Age >6 yrs: six gummies daily (start with 2-3 daily for the first week)

Iron (plant based) 5mg/tsp

We use plant based iron to avoid the negative effects of synthetic iron sulfate on the microbiome.


Dose: as per recommendations by Dr. Brus; don't use routinely.

Iron (plant based for teens and adults) 28mg per 2 caps

We use plant based iron to avoid the negative effects of synthetic iron sulfate on the microbiome.


Dose: as per recommendations by Dr. Brus; don't use routinely.

Zinc 7mg chewable lozenges

We use zinc as part of our sick kit for immune support, for kids who are failing to thrive, picky eaters, and chronic diarrhea. I wish they did not have 2gm sugar in each lozenge but I have not found a better way to get zinc into kids who need it. Most other forms have a bad metallic taste. Because I recommend it for the Sick Kit, it is cheapest to get as a box of 12 rolls.


Dose: 1-4 x daily depending on age and what it is used for. Please follow instructions given you by Dr. Brus on this mineral.

Vitamin C (Liposomal capsules-1,000mg per cap)

For older kids and adults



Teens: 2 caps twice daily for 10 days when ill

Adults: 2-4 caps 2-3x daily for 10 days when ill

Magnesium Citrate Powder (162mg per tsp)

Mag citrate is a form of magnesium that is a happy medium between absorption and bowel effects. It may be around 20% absorbed so will have more of a laxative effect for those kiddos with constipation. It is a cheaper form than some of the others and may be a good first foray into magnesium supplementation. Enough is absorbed to have a calming effect.

Dose: start low and work up. Start at 1/4-1/2 tsp daily and move up to 2 tsp twice daily if needed. Use bowel tolerance as the end point. If diarrhea, titrate the dose down.

Magnesium Raspberry Powder (200mg per scoop; Mg lycinate glycinate chelate)

This is a very nice replacement for the very expensive Mag powder I have been recommending for half the cost. Extremely well absorbed and tolerated. This is for kids who can't swallow pills.

Dose: Generally start low, e.g. 1/4-1/2 scoop then gradually work up to 1 scoop daily for the kids under 10 and 1 scoop twice daily for those over 10. You can actually titrate the dose to bowel tolerance. If diarrhea ensues, reduce the dose. The body generally takes caution to not overdo it. 

Magnesium Glycinate Chewables (200mg per tab)

For those kids who cannot swallow pills or handle the taste of the liquid, here is an alternative chewable. Glycinate chelate is very well absorbed and supports nervous system function like the other highly absorbed forms. 


Dose: start at 1 tab daily and increase to 1 tab twice daily.

Magnesium (slow release 125mg per tab)

For those who can swallow pills, this is an exceptional form of Magnesium (dimagnesium malate) with excellent absorption. This is typically used to get blood levels and brain levels up into the normal range. The slow release keeps the GI upset to a minimum.

Dose: start with 1 tab daily and increase to full dose of 2 tab twice daily for teens and adults. For kids that can swallow pills, it is 1 tab twice daily.This twin pack that I found will end up costing around $7/month for the kids taking two tabs daily.You can certainly get the singles, but more expensive per pill.

Epsom Salt (large 19# bag)

This is a wonderful and easy source of magnesium for those nights when you just can't get the kids to settle down for sleep. These larger bags last forever and are very inexpensive per dose. 


Dose: 1 cup in warm tub and soak for 1/2 hour. 

Vitamin D3/K2 (MK7) 1200 units per drop

This is for kids over age 1 yr that can't swallow capsules. This is a good age to start giving both Vit D3 and K2 together to prevent hypercalcemia. When I find a good gel cap for older kids with both the D3 and K2, I will add it. Otherwise the older kids can use this also.


Dose: 4 drops daily for 5 y/o and over. Between 1 and 4, it is generally increased by 1 drop per day for each year.

Vitamin K1-Alternative for the Newborn Vit K shot

If you choose not to do the newborn Vit K shot, then you can use these drops based on the Scandinavian dosing guidelines.


Dose: 4 drops the first dose then 2 drops once per week for 12 weeks.

Vitamin D3 Baby Drops (400 units per drop)

This is for newborn through 1 yr age



  • 0–6 months: 1 drop daily (400u)

  • 6–12 months: 2 drops daily (800u)

Probiotics Infant/Toddler-Raw Probiotics

This probiotic is limited in its variety and is appropriate for infants and young toddlers. Excellent gut support for those who are born C/S, who are not breast fed, and who have to be on early antibiotics.


Dose: Newborn 1/4 tsp daily for the newborn for one month. For infants over 3 months: start at 1/4 tsp daily and increase up to 3/4 tsp per day; generally discuss with Dr. Brus for infant use.

Probiotics Kids-5 billion colonies per chewable tab

The Garden of Life line is excellent. 14 strains and 5 billion live probiotic bacteria. Also contains the all important PRE-biotics that allow the bacteria to settle in and colonize.


Dose: 1 daily from the time your child can chew. After around age 7-8, you can increase to 2 tabs daily.

Probiotic Mood/Digestion/Immune support

There is a growing body of evidence that certain types of gut bacteria dramatically affect mood and emotions through the production of neurotransmitters such as GABA. These have a dramatic effect on our kids' emotional health when they are missing due to antibiotic use and the types of foods that are eaten. 


Dose: 1 daily for kids over age 8 yrs.

Probiotics-Colon Care

Many of our problems related to gut dysfunction are caused by an imbalance between pathogenic gut flora and the beneficial probiotic organisms. Consider the yeast infection your child gets after a course of antibiotics. This Garden of Life probiotic contains not only probiotics, but prebiotics and enzymes that allow for easier passage of digested matter. 


Dose:1 daily for older kids and teens.

Probiotics Bifidus (for histamine sensitive kids)

There are some kids with the inability to break down histamine due to enzyme mutations. This is one cause for food intolerances. These kids many times will not tolerate Lactobacillus in supplements or fermented foods. Bifidobacter form of probiotics do not produce histamine and can be tolerated by kids with these issues.


Dose: 1 cap daily.

Restore-the gut tight junction closer

This is amazing liquid. We use this for kiddos who have damaged gut lining from glyphosate, gluten, gmo, antibiotics, infection, etc. Please watch the Youtube video that visually demonstrates the power of this supplement. Put in a search for "Glyphosate Dissolving Tight Junctions" and watch. I have it elsewhere on this site also.


Dose: 1 tsp prior to breakfast and dinner. Preferably 1/2 hour prior to eating. Preferably 3x daily before meals, but that lunch dose is difficult for most. Half life is reportedly 6 hours, so the AM dose should cover for breakfast and lunch. This big bottle will last 3 months at 1 tsp twice daily.

Gelatin Collagen Powder-Great Lakes

Gelatin or collagen or bone broth is used for its healing ability on the gut lining. We use this in conjunction with other gut healing modalities. This is not a vegetarian or vegan food for those who are of this persuasion. 


Dose: 1-2 Tbsp daily.

Digestive Enzymes chews (kids over 6-7 yrs)

One of the mainstays of gut healing is use of Digestive Enzymes. This helps break down proteins to prevent absorption of longer chains of amino acids that might cause allergic or inflammatory reactions. It helps move food bolus down out of the stomach rather than the upward movement as in heartburn. 


Dose: 1 chewable with meals.

Digestive Enzymes potent (for teens and tough cases)

This is a high potency enzyme complex that can address a wide variety of tough digestive issues.Typically used after age 10-12 yrs. 


Dose: 1-3 caps with each meal until issues have resolved.

Biocidin drops (botanical gut clearing agent-under age 12 yrs)

Dose: 1 drop per 10# weight per day divided twice daily; always start at 1 drop daily and titrate upwards to full dose. Needs to be used per guidance of Dr. Brus.

Biocidin capsules (botanical gut clearing agent)

For teens and adults

Dose: 1 cap 1–2x daily as directed by Dr. Brus.

GI Detox (activated charcoal plus clay capsules only)

Should be used with the Biocidin drops or capsules to prevent die-off reaction. 


Dose: ½ cap for little kids; 1 cap for big kids; 1 caps for teens and adults daily. Make sure it is taken at least 1-2 hrs away from any other meds or supplements or it will bind and flush them also.

Biocidin LSF (Liposomal spray)

Broad spectrum clearing agent that penetrates into the body and may go after biofilm.


Dose: depends on what you are using it for; please follow instructions given by Dr. Brus.

B complex activated

B complex vitamins are used in bioenergetics and in the methylation cycle; B 1-6 in the former, and B9 and b12 in the latter. There are many conditions in which supplementation with these may be required. These are "activated" B's and make it easier for the body to utilize. Please use these after discussion with Dr. Brus. There are situations where you will not want to start with these for fear of over-methylation. 


Dose: 1 daily for older kids and teens.

L-Theanine (the calming amino acid and precursor to GABA)

Some kids have such difficulty with self-calming. There are a variety of reasons for this including COMT mutations, MTHFR snp's, elevated histamine, and last but not least, deficiency in GABA production. Gamma Amino Butyric Acid is a neurotransmitter whose primary function is calming of a normally active brain. When deficient, hyperactivity in the brain may ensue with several overt manifestations whether they be elevated motor activity, anxiety, or aggressive behavior. For some kids, L-theanine may give a nice calming effect. 


Dose: 1-2ml once, twice, or even three times daily; Use under guidance of Dr. Brus.

L-Theanine 200mg capsules

Some kids have such difficulty with self-calming. There are a variety of reasons for this including COMT mutations, MTHFR snp's, elevated histamine, and last but not least, deficiency in GABA production. Gamma Amino Butyric Acid is a neurotransmitter whose primary function is calming of a normally active brain. When deficient, hyperactivity in the brain may ensue with several overt manifestations whether they be elevated motor activity, anxiety, or aggressive behavior. For some kids, L-theanine may give a nice calming effect. 


Dose: 1 capsule 1-3x daily

5-HTP (Serotonin precursor) 100mg

Serotonin deficiency is at the root of many emotional and mental issues. Direct supplementation of Serotonin or the artificial boosting of Serotonin as with SSRI's come with a host of side effects. Feeding into the Serotonin production stream with one of its precursors, 5-hydroxytryptophan, may help with Serotonin and, in turn, Melatonin production.


Dose: customized based on the situation; discuss with Dr. Brus.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid (triglyceride liquid form)

For the little people that can't swallow capsules. Triglyceride form is second best, but I can't find any monoglyceride form that is a liquid. 


Dose: 1 tsp 1–2x daily based on discussion with Dr. Brus.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid caps (monoglyceride form of fish oil)

Comparative study shows 20% absorption for the fatty acid esters, 60% absorption for the triglycerides, and 95% absorption for the monoglyceride. Given this new data, I have moved my recommendation to this monoglyceride form.


Dose: 1 cap 1–2x daily based on discussion with Dr. Brus.

Vitamin C (Liposomal liquid-1,000mg per packet)

I have moved toward using the liposomal technology in absorbing several water soluble nutrients including vit c due to a dampening effect on GI side effects and enhanced absorption. The dosing below is for periods of illness x10-14 days. If you want to use Vit C as a maintenance through the winter, just cut the dose in half or 1/3. You can use this on top of most multivitamins as most do not contain enough. If diarrhea develops, stop the vit C for a day then resume at 1/2 the dose.


Dose: when sick, use 50mg/Kg twice daily for 10 days (around 20mg/lb body weight). If weight is around 20-22#, use ½ pk twice daily. If weight is 40-45#, use 1 pk twice daily.You can guesstimate for weight in between or above; see "Sick Kit for detailed dosing."

Orgain Organic Nutrition

  • Includes 12 (11oz) Organic Creamy Chocolate Fudge Nutrition Shakes, also comes in Vanilla and Strawberry

  • Ideal for healthy, on-the-go nourishment for busy professionals, moms, athletes and students

  • 16 grams of organic protein ( organic whey protein concentrate, organic grass fed milk protein concentrate) , 2g Dietary Fiber, 21 Vitamins and Minerals, 10 Fruits and Vegetables, 255 Calories per Serving

  • Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegetarian, Non-GMO, Soy Free. Free of all artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

  • USDA Organic

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