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Philosophy of Practice

Where we seek to prevent and even reverse pediatric chronic illness with early life changes —one kiddo at a time.

I have had a nutritional bend in my interests ever since medical school and have tried to pass those interests along to my patients and students. The intensity of this interest was enhanced when the disaster called cancer struck my family. As seems true of many physicians, we do not pay nearly enough attention to lifestyle and nutrition until something happens to us or to someone in our family. It was this catastrophe that spurred on my medical thinking to where I am today.

 GutWellness -Where Science Meets Nature

Where Genetics Meets Epigenetics

Where Theoretical Meets Practical

Where Scientific Studies get applied


This blog is a move away from the Facebook venue to a location that is more easily organized and searched. I will continue to post in FB with links to this site. Comments  and reactions to posts will still be allowed on the private FB page. Although this is a more public forum, my goal is still primarily support of my own patient families. Others are welcomed. 


As various questions come up on childcare, pediatric medicine, alternative interventions, I will try to answer them in a comprehensive way that will allow for future reference and as a basis for printed handouts in the office. This will expand with our online interactions. 


I do not claim to have much original research and even thinking. On this functional approach to pediatrics, we sometimes plow new territory as this is a relatively recent evolution in medicine. There are wonderful current thinkers from whom I glean wisdom and upon whose shoulders I stand. I share this material with you, my patients.

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